January 21, 2006

Saturday morning: can't sleep.

I don't have a list of links because I am too lazy. Like a NetGenner (notice I say like), I spend too much time online and read about...1345... blogs? I would like to highlight one music blog that I have become obsessed with: Tremble Clef. This blog manages to do what most do not: write original thoughts on music (easier said than done - how many times do I give up and say "brilliant"?!) and it mixes that with little bits of real life. You know, I did the laundry and it reminded me so much of Nick Kamen and here is why. Or maybe better than that: read his post about the air in his apartment. Yes, I know what I'm saying is a web manifestation of my you are so fabulous schtick. Who cares? I am enthusiastic!

And while we're on it: my use of the word troll is not a putdown. It is a term of endearment I co-opted during my obsession with Patti LaBelle's TV show. I say this because I needed to, apparently.

I'm feeling a wee decline in quality on this blog; it used to be better. I've been distracted with a cold, work, or -you know- actual flesh and blood people. I will try to be a better version of me (song reference!). I cannot tell you how many unfinished posts I have sitting in the cue. So, cumming soon: reviews of Swedish girl pop, Richard Fehking Ashcroft and a tribute to The Chile (as in Destiny's). Throw your hands up at me!


lucas said...

Aww, I think your blog is great. Just discovered it late last year and always ALWAYS find something super good (...Brilliant!...) on it!

Anonymous said...

Creativity ebbs and flows. Maybe it's a signal you're picking up on, telling you to take a wee break, recharge the soul by doing something new, trying out something you've not done before. Regardless, you can't expect to be on top form all the time and personally, I always find your blog has something on it I find worth spending time on reading... x

xolondon said...

Thanks to both of you - I never know who is reading or has an interest (other than a few good folks!). It is true that life does intervene sometimes. Music is what keeps me sane though, so I suspect I'll always have something to say or some link to share.

The Dancing Kids said...


*runs away cackling*

xolondon said...

please bitch! comfort me with apples!