January 22, 2006

my weekend

Shitty nights and decent days. I realized that there is a song lyric that describes exactly how I have been feeling (not to be dramatical or anything!)....

The days roll by like thunder
like a storm that's never breaking,
all my time and space compressed
in the low pressure of proceedings

And they beat against the sides of my life
like fists against the sides of my life,
and the roads all lay behind me,
so I wrap the wheel around me
and I go out.

Obscure enough for you? Sorry! It's "Five Fathoms" by Ben Watt, from the album Tempermental by Everything But The Girl. If I knew how to upload shit, I would. You can watch the full video here.

1 comment:

lucas said...

I love this track...

especially the lines:

"did i grow up just to stay home?"


"and the people fill the city because the city fills the people."

oh yeah ;-)