January 12, 2006

Music online today

Lost In The Eighties' post about Feargal Sharkey's lovely 80's hot "A Good Heart" - written by Maria McKee. That was a good album - somebody needs to cover this song and the biting "You little Thief" (b/c we need a song that has "you little whorrrrrrre" in ther chorus.)

William Orbit has teamed up with Sugababes for a new track called "Spiral" - this is not on their new album, but it will be on his. Not sure who the male voice is. It's pretty good, though he has not changed his style at all since producing Madonna's Ray Of Light. This is not free, but you can get it on itunes.

Arjan focuses on the latest (and I mean latest) 80's tribute band Clear Static and their song "Make-up Sex" - it's cute and insignificant. He also has a good post on the excellent Ferry Corsten dance hit "Fire" that is built entirely on Duran Duran's genius non-hit "Serious." (Vinny / Krissy pay attention to Arjan this week!)

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