January 30, 2006

Monday MP3s

Happy Monday! I had a nice weekend, but I have such a creepy sense of dread on this pretty day. So if this blog ceases to exist tomorrow, you can at least say, "Well, he was psychic!"

Somebody at Motel de Moka must be in the flush of love because they have a SLEW of Xolondon's almighty fave tracks:

Suede's glorious widescreen epic "The Wild Ones" ('94)
Paul Weller's sweet "You Do Something To Me" ('95)
Richard Hawley's recent emotional beauty "The Ocean" ('05)
The Blue Nile's soft'n'lovely "Lets Go Out Tonight" ('89)

Talk about magesterial music. Check them all out here - do it fast! I should add that I love what makes this blog distinctive - it's use of art.

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