January 5, 2006

I love that CD cover above. It's by Jose Gonzalez, a new singer songwriter from Norway. [I know, don't ask me about his name.] In my 2005 Superlatives I made a snarky comment about how Jose is a ripoff of Kings Of Convenience. He is, but I still like him. Check out his track "Stay In The Shade" on the BBC Collective - they liken him to Nick Drake, which is fair. The CD is called Veneer and my favorite track (so far) is "Crosses" - hear that one on his myspace site too. This song really lingers with me and is a perfect song for the dark days of winter. It's also a great song for bedtime.

Side note: I am also intrigued by his choice of covers, including a radical revamp of Kylie Minogue's old SAW hit "Hand On Your Heart" - the b-side of his "Stay In The Shade" EP. Hear the track at Said The Gramophone (scroll to Dec 15).

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