January 1, 2006


As you know, I did my own Best Of lists this year, but I was amused by how many bloggers just had a shuffle of the same records (Sufjan, Wolf Parade, Bloc Party, etc) with very little in the way of surprises or individuality. That's alternative for ya! Stylus Magazine, however, did a Top Fifty that acknowledged my beloveds Rachel Stevens (at #22) and Patrick Wolf (at #18).

I went to bed at 10:00 PM last night! I slept right through "Office Space" on the DVD. I am sorry I missed Mariah's FAT ASS on TV- hope to see a clip of that.

Only two days left of vacation...

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ADD said...

Pariah was absolutely horrifying. She looked like a man in drag, made Ryan Seacrest look wee and fragile, and primped like a deluded 7 year-old does when she's first practicing her "Who? Me?!" antics in front of the mirror. She was like an SNL parody skit. Only not funny.