January 25, 2006

Do The Shuffle

I just saw another blogger do this, so I thought I would too, really myself to see what comes up. The first 10 songs on iPod Shuffle...

Madonna "Survival"
One of the last of the old school Madge tracks
Scissor Sisters/ PaulMcCartney/ G. Michael "No One Takes Your Freedom" Really good mash up
Nick Heyward "August In The Morning"
A good bedtime ballad. What happened to Nick!?
Simple Minds "Cry"
I feel kind of meh about this one. I would skip it. From the late 90's
Luther Vandross and Change "The Glow"
This is the song that Janet Jackson's "All For You" is built on
Bjork "Vokuro"
Gorgeous instrumental that sounds very cathedral-ly
Ryan Adams "La Cienega Just Smiled"
Beautiful song- the one I would really want to hear most of these 10
George Michael "Do You Really Want To Know"
His 1992 safe sex song - good house piano
Embrace "Butter Wouldn't Melt"
Have never played this b-side
Kate Bush "Moments Of Pleasure"
Because every old sock needs an old shoe


Anonymous said...

Yes, whatever did happen to Nick Heyward? Last I heard of him was 'Blue Hat for a Blue Day' back in the late 80s, I think. x

xolondon said...

Actually Nick did release a terrific album in 1996 called "Tangled" - you can get it used on Amazon for cheap. Or if you want just a song from it, tyr "The World" or "London."

V said...

Hey this "shuffle" thing sounds like a good idea! I want to do it too.

xolondon said...

It is quite fun. I want to do it every day. But I will spare you. Am sure it will come up with something cheesy. For instance, I swear to God, I have Paula Abdul's "Will You Marry Me?" on my ipod!

V said...

I think that's the fun part. I'll do mine today - sure to be a total genre mix-up. Culture Club next to Skinny Puppy. Or something. :)