January 9, 2006

2006: The Return of PSB

Popjustice recently posted the first review of the new Pet Shop Boys CD, Fundamental. The first single is called "Minimal" and also due out in March / April. Remember that PSB also remixed and performed on the new Madonna single, "Sorry."

The tracklist for Fundamental:

1. God Willing
2. Minimal
3. The Sodom & Gomorrah Show
4. I'm With Stupid
5. Psychological
6. I Made My Excuses And Left
7. Integral
8. Numb
9. Luna Park
10. Casanova Hell
11. Twentieth Century
12. Indefinite Leave To Remain


V said...

This is probably the second release I'm excited about for this year. The first being Morrissey off course. Disco 3 was good. But "Release" I didn't care for much! So I'm hoping for a nice return to some good ole classic PSB.

xolondon said...

Agreed about Release - only had about 4 good songs. Fingers crossed.