January 14, 2006

2006: Delays return

It took them long enough. Delays are finally releasing their second CD, titled You See Colours, on March 6 in the UK. The album is preceded by the AWESOME single Valentine (yes, due out mid-February), a track under heavy "debate" on fan boards. One guy said it sounds like a Rachel Stevens tune and, indeed, the opening moments are very disco/Soft Cell, with falsetto vocals and Morodor disco beat. The track immediately begins to build on itself and gets a harder edged with a sort of Duran/ New Order/Ultravox quality until it goes all choral and then opens back up into an entirely alternate melody! But wait, there's more! Valentine is about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans (though not too deep):

I can see a hurricane tonight
It keeps me from my Valentine
A very modern machine
(woo woo!) is coming for me

I do not have a link for it (update: but the intrepid Torr does!). Other songs on the record include: This Town's Religion - likened by fans to Love Comes Tumbling by U2, Hideaway and the string-laden Cavalry.

I should say this band is noted for sounding different on every track - my favorite on their debut, Faded Seaside Glamour, was the chiming and beautiful Wanderlust, a song that owed a gorgeous debt to Cocteau Twins. Other tracks on that same CD sounded like REM and Beach Boys (or maybe that was REM doing the Beach Boys), so you just never know what you'll get with Delays. This album sounds like they're coming into their own with a more unique sound.

Rumour has it the single will include a Trevor Horn remix of Valentine - we'll dream of that.


V said...

Gotta check out Delays. See, I knew you'd turn me onto something. :)

torr said...

Your wish is my command.