December 27, 2005

XO's POP MIX 2005

2005 was truly the Year Of Pop. I could not keep up with all the genius pop arriving primarily from Europe. Not even trashy good - all are top tunes, total quality. Country of origin listed in blue.

Madonna “Get Together”
Massive club sound. She should open or close the 06 tour with this track.
USA.. or is it UK?
Girls Aloud “Biology”
3 songs in 1! Chrous kicks at minute 2. Will become a legend, this song, especially because a lot of people hated it when it came out. So THERE bitches. UK
Rachel Stevens “So Good”
Oooh Ooh Ooh Oooooohhhhh. The most dissed artist of 2005, who deserves nothing but praise. UK
Bodies Without Organs “Sunshine In The Rain”
London, Berlin, Rome... we love songs that namecheck European cities.
Lisa Loeb “Fools Like Me”
'04 leftover. All about the backing vocals in the last 30 seconds. USA
Sugababes “2 Hearts”
Viva la Mutya, who just quit the 'Babes. To paraphrase, everything about (this) makes me glow, I thought you should know. UK
Rachel Stevens “Nothing Good About This Goodbye”
Insanely catchy chorus on this Alexis Strum-written midtempo. UK
Kubb “Wicked Soul”
Blow Monkeys-esque homage from Hottie McHottie singer with a dirty mind. UK
Lorraine “I Feel It”
Indie pop from Norway. The Keane of 2006? Stay tuned! All 2 of their songs are perfect and there are more to come momentarily. Norway
Will Young “Who Am I”
Elegant, smart breakup ballad. UK
Alexis Strum “Bad Haircut”
Alexis herself creates a worthy, melancholy mid-tempo ballad. Should've been a hit. Album in Feb. UK
Simon Webbe “No Worries”
Uplifting in a VH1 way, this song is made by the female backing voice. Your mamas will love this. UK
Mariah Carey “We Belong Together”
Intricate lyrics - you have to actively learn it to sing along with it. Song of Summer '05? USA
Madonna “Jump”
Classic Madge track, with nice spoken word bits. Expect this on the radio in '06. USA/UK
Annie “Heartbeat”
Smart dance pop. The final minutes of this thrill me, trill me, drill me...or whatever the fuck she is saying! Norway
September “Cry For You”
Hard to buy! Looks like Sienna Miller, music like Madonna circa 1986. Europop heaven... Sweden
Girls Aloud “Whole Lotta History”

GA create a classic (retro) megapop ballad. Will it be their swan song? UK
Rachel Stevens “I Will Be There’
Heavenly chorus is what makes this tune. I used to play this like 10 times in a row on the way to work. UK

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