December 21, 2005

XO's Favorite TV Star of 2005 is...

Rhona Mitra

She played the British detective Kit McGraw (cough cough) on Nip/Tuck this season. I love her steely quality and her truly expressionless line readings. She has this deep, raspy upper crust accent that is a joy to listen to and I love all peoples with dimples. In short, Rhona rocks my world; maybe she should record an album so she can take the place of Bitchin' Gwen?

Rhona Mitra's imdb bio

"Rhona Mitra, Rhona Mitra men have named you..."


willam said...

rhona is super sweet. the wardrobe people give her better shoes than me though (gucci vs. aldo).
tranny got a gun

xolondon said...

I was kind of hoping to hear that Rhona is ACTUALLY a real maneater who wears smokes Gauloises Blondes and drives a bitchin' vintage convertible!

Oh wait. I just described Princess Yum Yum!