December 23, 2005

XO's Essential Mix 2005

Here are my Top Songs Of The Year. This was very hard to narrow down to 18, like a CD mix. I was obsessed with each of these tracks (and could change my mind at any moment to add new ones)...

Imogen Heap “Goodnight And Go” SONG OF THE YEAR!
The song of all of these that veers closest to my life. I'll leave it at that!
Goldfrapp “Number 1”
80's electropop number - this is a Perfect. Pop. Song. Great video too.
Mark Owen “Believe In The Boogie”
Former Take That-er creates one of the catchiest indie-pop-rock songs in '05
Depeche Mode “Precious”
Silvery, gorgeous, sad sad sad. One of their Top 10 songs. Ever.
Athlete “Wires”
Another sad one about children - in this case a sick baby in a hospital.
Kubb “Wicked Soul”
Dirtiest song of the year, yet not vulgar. I'm the weirdo in your bedroom.
Patrick Wolf “The Libertine”
This track the The Shit! In a right world it would be a rampaging hit.
Martha Wainwright “Bloody Motherfucking Asshole”
Poetry has no place for a heart that's a whore. Sister brings it!
Sufjan Stevens “Chicago”
All things Soof-yon in one song. Accessible to the masses, in my opinion.
Sia “Breathe Me”
The final minutes of this song are fucking epic. Drive on Claire Fisher.
Michael Buble “Home”
A cheesy ballad that makes me so happy to sing along. LOVE it.
Mariah Carey “We Belong Together”
This is totally worthy. Another great singalong and the song o' Summer 05
Madonna “Get Together”
Surely it's Holiday '05. Madonna fully realized in one song.
Goldfrapp “Koko”
Gary Numan meets Kate Bush and makes sweet love to her.
Imogen Heap “Closing In”
For the "what are you like" part and that drum attack in the middle eight.
Kate Bush “Nocturn”
Kate fully realized in one song. The epic we have been waiting for.
Rachel Stevens “I Will be There"
Awwww, this song is so fucking pretty on the chorus. Rachel, be my BFF!
Eurythmics “I’ve Got A Life”
Eurythmics fully realized in one song! The disco strings make me insane!

Please note, bitches, that this list is devoid of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Kanye West and Bloc Party.

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