December 4, 2005

Wrapped like candy in pure blue neon

Could she have been any cooler? DH is the DEFINITION of cool.

PS: Hi Varant!


V said...

Love that pic, Xo!

BTW: They have a new singles collection out. And they are finally in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. It's about time.

xolondon said...

They are also filming some sort of documentary on their current tour of the UK - I think.

Why can't we have a young hot star who is more Debbie than the usual bimbos. ??

V said...

I think it's cause the music business has now taken this drastic turn, where talent (musically) is not important. It's only important if you can have a set of boobs that can also sell cars, Pepsi and McDonalds hamburgurs.