December 2, 2005

Where did Neneh Cherry go?

I posted awhile back about how amazing I think Neneh Cherry is. Since that time she appeared at Live 8, but still no word on new music. She has released no real solo work since about 1995, and even then only 3 albums over 16 years, but as you'll read, she is a mother (those are 3 of her kids above). Finally her husband, music producer Cameron McVey, has written to a fan site to give her fans some info and end some speculation. This is a really interesting peek behind the curtain of the music business and a reminder that "stars! they're just lije us!" Here is the letter:

Hi there guys 'n girls....this is Cameron McVey writing & I have just turned up at the new tent music studio building in Stockholm (hq for all Neneh creative stuffs from now on) & Yeshen (bless him!) drew my attention to some of the dialogue he's been having with you huge Neneh fans out there. Ok, here we go...

In answer to the question about young kids/much work verses now they're a bit older (& in two cases grown up) verses a long lay off... Well, in truth Neneh & I (we're married) felt that we'd caused quite a lot of trauma for the older two being away so much & them missing school or moving school so much so we wanted to not make the same mistakes for the younger two (we have 4 kids between us). 2ndly the old music biz was driving us both crazy, Neneh's work was being vetoed by Virgin Records execs b4 it could reach the street &, believe me, she did some very amazing stuff which they wouldn't release so she just waited for them to leave her life. Then I think in truth after such a long break away from the stage her confidence levels were very much reduced (Neneh's not a very naturally self confident artist, she's very un-ambitious & self effacing) so she withdrew from public life so some extent. I think the biggest blow for her was when virgin refused to release the music (amazing music) she recorded with tricky kid...
She just "shut down"... so... what could we do to persuade her to return...

We sort of fooled her into joining in on a few trax I was producing with a young kid called "Karmil" with Karmil's group (Cirkus) in our studio at our family home in the south of Sweden & she really enjoyed the experience. Then Karmil & the other Cirkus band members asked her if she wanted to join the group as a special guest & low and behold she said yes!!!

Now she's very nervous about her return to public life & we as a family are being very guarded about the whole "Neneh Cherry" scenario so as not to put too much pressure on her. Next...

All this talk of no Neneh cherry solo work 'till 2007 etc... I urge everyone to tune in to the tent music review, both live, on the www &, very much just in the early pipeline this week, there's talk of two radio shows to be syndicated on the www which will go out on national radio in France... By the time it's all running smoothly (mid 2006) there should be a chance to come & see nearly 3 hours of music, dj'ing with pretty much all the tent singers & dj's (Neneh falls into both categories!) Doing work together & headlined by Neneh herself...

She's very into her work with
Cirkus and she's already working with them on other material as well as a crazy club residency in Paris (commencing Feb. 2006) with Karmil & ford from Cirkus dj'ing alongside her.

She's in Manchester England next week (1st week Nov) performing with Gorillaz (see it on the www if you can't be there, she just recorded 3 new collaborations with Youssou N'dour which are produced by Cirkus (with a little help from me!) And and and she has between 6 & 12 (depending on if you believe me or Neneh!) new songs in the can which she's ready to go public with if the Cirkus & tent music/laylow review experience is a happy one for her.

I think Neneh will come on to these more real fan sites & chat with you all soon on a regular basis & you should be gentle with her... This woman has so so much to give over the coming years, I work with her on pretty much everything she does &, believe me, she's hotter now than ever... Her voice (both singing & rapping) is stronger than ever & she really enjoying not being tied to a major corporation, she can do what she wants when she feels it & easing in via the band member duties she enjoys with Cirkus suits her really well right now.

Feel free to write to her & me for that matter, we both will be more than happy to answer as much as we can. Looking forward to meeting some of you on the tent music review/laylow events soon to be, as I will be traveling with the whole review to record it & work in the tour bus studio with all the performers.

From Cameron (Neneh's biggest fan & husband)


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