December 12, 2005

Summing up Ms. Apple

Fluxblog has a very nice post today about Fiona Apple. I really agree with this quote:

It's so unfortunate that the critical reaction to Extraordinary Machine ended up getting so badly muddled by a debate over the relative merits of the Jon Brion and Mike Elizondo versions. I maintain that the final product is better by far, but in any case, the basic quality of these songs remains the same, and the best record of 2005 ends up getting screwed over by vote-splitting. I'm sure that in the future, this album will earn the reputation that it deserves, but it absolutely vexes me to see it get passed over by many of my peers in favor of flimsy hackwork in the meantime. I suspect part of it is due to Apple's subject matter. Writing brilliantly on the topic of love is hardly a fashionable thing - lord knows Stephin Merritt has to wrap up his projects in novelty just to get any serious attention at all.
I agree, Fluxblog, but I DO think more people are now aware that Fiona Apple is a major artist and that she is, indeed, here to stay. This episode got us over the "I yelled on MTV at 20" stuff that has haunted her over the years. Please be sure to read the Fiona lyrics I posted recently - there is such wisdom in what she has to say.

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Anonymous said...

I agree it's an extraordinary album but not the only one passed over in today's high-speed, rapid-fire, gloss-over music culture. At some point we went from the top artists becoming known as such to the crud making it to the top of the pile. What happened I wonder? I think music company executives have a lot to do with it. There seems a distance now between talent and exposure which is less and less being bridged. In the words of a Heaven 17 song from the 80s, artists like Apple are 'crushed by the wheels of [the music] industry'. x