December 29, 2005

Review: Rufus DVD

Yep, that’s Rufus Wainwright with “Patsy” from Ab Fab. Lucky man.

Rufus has released an excellent documentary on DVD called All I Want – it’s essentially his story up to now, with tons of home movies from his geeky youth and interviews with his Mom, sister (who looks just like his Mom) and family friends. You even see the beautiful house he grew up in Montreal, where it apparently snows 24/7. His father, the infamous Loudon Wainwright III is not to be found on the DVD, though he is much discussed.

Rufus talks at length about his drug use; they even interview one of his best friends and partners in crime from that era. Did you know that Rufus was a meth-head even during the making of Poses or that he went blind at one point from too many drugs? Maybe that explains his penchant for striped pants in bright colors…

We also learn that – actually I had read about this - that Rufus is a bit of a slut – that he trolled for sex at a very young age. In fact, his first album, which took years to make, is all about his unrequited relationship with an emaciated guy named Danny. Nothing wrong with getting it on, he's just being honest about it.

Tom Chaplin, lead singer of Keane, gives his own endearing dissection The Art Teacher (and yes, Tom is right that it is told from the perspective of an adult woman). Also featured are the ubiquitous Elton John, Sting (who looks like The Cryptkeeper!), the Scissor Sisters, producer Pierre Marchand (inarticulate though he is), the rarely interviewed Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys and, inexplicably, some British actor who looks familiar, but I don’t really know.

Bonus bits include a section where Rufus and Marius Devries, the producer of Want, describes how they made some of the songs. They also show Rufus recording The Maker Makes – the song that ended up on the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. His videos are also included, but the only one of note is Sophie Muller’s brilliant April Fools which features his sister, Melissa Auf der Mur and, in a quickie cameo,
Bitchin’ Gwen.

The DVD has not actually been released in the US, so you would need to order it from – those will play in America with no problems. All I Want is a must for any fan.

Also note that Rufus appears in the new Keane documentary dueting on a new track called Try Again. He's rockin' some godawful Jesus sandals in that video.

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