December 5, 2005

Off topic prattle on Monday morning

I was so happy walking to work this morning, listening to Paul McCrane's "Dogs In The Yard" from the soundtrack to Fame. McCrane, of course, went on to be the evil Dr. Romano on ER.

Howard Stern is taking over satellite radio and Dunkin Donuts is taking over New York. Both stories in New York Magazine.

We are about to get our first snowstorm of the year, so I came to work in clashing brown pants and brown shoes I think of as my snowshoes. (update: it was LAME)

If you live in DC, you should go to Busboys and Poets at 14th and V. It's HUGE and busy and the patrons are hot hot hot. I went with my friend Laura for brunch Sunday and it was very nice - the manager even sat down to chat with us. It's created by the team that did Luna Grill, where I have spent my money every week for the past 8 years or so. Note that the website plays Billie Holiday singing "The Very Thought Of You"!

Anjelina Jolie was recently looking at a house just 8 blocks from where I am sitting! Do you think she is moving here to be nearer to me? I heard Brad Pitt is adopting her children. What s stupid premature move on both their parts. This will be a Renee and Kenny story, not a Paul and Joanne story.


babs said...

Please forgive the below as it will sound like a way too intense 15 year old theater geek. (As Will said so well, "Can't I be a flouncing geek too?)

OMG. I've been having "Dogs in the Yard" in my head for the last month. It's now been joined by"Is it okay if I call you mine?" I was looking for my soundtrack (copied from a lp to a tape no less) and it's probably in pa. I never forgave Paul Mc Crane for becoming dr.romano. "No, Montgomery, no." He was also one of the brothers in Hotel New Hampshire. (Not the rob lowe one, obviously.)

I was thinking about it after Rent and then it came back into my head. I fear that Fame did in fact sum up my generation. I was quite into it in high school. I saw it on tv. The fact that said movie was a major part of my teendom years probably should've clued me in on a few things, but alas did not.

Will stop as I sense a "Fame" digression forthcoming. Thanks. You've perked up what has been a fairly blah day. (blah-ness which started yesterday and has lingered. ) (though today has had its share of things to cope with). And tomorrow's going to be right out.

Is Dresden Dolls, "Girl Anachronism" helping my insanity? Tough call.

xolondon said...

I'll send it to you Babs - at least those songs. Email me with any other requests!

I am hoping I will get the DVD of the Fame TV show for xmas!

I don't know Dresden Dolls - they have been On My List for ages, so I need to get to it.

Peace, love and hair grease.