December 26, 2005

Off topic: Cassie for my trolls

I spent the holiday with Cassie (above) again this year; the Loofah Dog toy I bought was a big hit. It's just a skinny stuffed animal that squeaks. I took to calling it Felafel Dog in honor of Bill Assho'Reilly. Anyhoo, here is Cassie, in her domain, being fucking cute (her toy is with her in both pics if you notice). I'll spare you the drama about her eating the head of the chocolate Santa, tinfoil included. In fact, this is the extent of my "Xmas coverage" except to say that the big hit for me was a round JBL iPod speaker. It's bitchin'!

PS: Oh yes, I did eat too much. By 12:30 I had consumed vast amounts of cashews, coffee ring and many, many Esther Price Chocolates I like them dark, like my men...

Back to the la musica momentarily, trolls.

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