December 19, 2005

Depeche news

BIG NEWS! In February 2006 EMI will re-release older DM albums as special remastered collector's editions. Finally. Save your pennies!

Meanwhile, the third single will be "Suffer Well," a Dave composition, with a video by Anton Corbjin. I would have chosen "John The Revelator" or "Nothing's Impossible" if I were in charge. Sadly for you, I am not.


V said...

I would even have chosen "Sinner in Me" as the next single rather than "Suffer Well"

"Sinner" has that fantastic break in the song where it goes a little crazy.

xolondon said...

I will go back and play that!

I owe you an email..

Anonymous said...

That's great news about the remasters. I got the remixes of 'A Pain That I'm Used To' this week and particularly love the Jacques Du Cont remixes. It's hard to believe DM have been around quite so long. I grew up to the sounds of 'See You' and 'Leave in Silence' and, although very different to the stuff they went on to do, those songs still stand the test of time.

I just droppedby to wish you every blessing for the Yuletide season, and every good wish for a happy and fulfilling new year! Keep writing and maintaining your outstanding blog. x