December 23, 2005

2006: Saint Etienne get US release

American audiences should note that Saint Etienne's excellent Tales From Turnpike House is finally to be released in America on January 24 in a new edition. It reconfigures the track list, eliminating "Relocate" and "Bird Man of EC1" - no loss. Just wish they had knocked off the atrocious "Last Orders For Gary Stead."

There are 3 new songs: The first is Dream Lover, which sounds like it is built on a very familiar mellow sample, but I can't place it. Excellent ambient song. Oh My is slightly jarring with heavy glammish riff, but has a shimmery chorus. I'm Falling is a pretty, vaguely Kylie-esque tune that goes nowhere but sounds nice.

You can hear the album in FULL at their new label Savoy

Here is the offical US tracklist: Side Streets, A Good Thing, Sun In My Morning, Milk Bottle Symphony, Dream Lover, Lightning Strikes Twice, Slow Down At The Castle, Oh My,,Last Orders For Gary Stead, I'm Falling, Stars Above Us, Teenage Winter, Goodnight

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