November 1, 2005

We become panoramic


Just a note to all the crazy-assed Kate Bush trolls out there who might have been left a little lukewarm on the single. I think the 8+minute "Nocturn" (see Kofi) is a brilliant intro to the album because everything about it is worthy of a 12-year wait. It literally brought tears to my eyes.. you cannot get more Kate than that.

  • a swoony orchestral intro with a sort of traditional (folk) music vocal line
  • a relatively modern beat
  • strong, clear vocals - her voice is still perfect
  • some of her prettiest and most seductive lyrics EVER (see a sample below)
  • references to the album's theme and discs (sea and sky of honey)
  • it all concludes with a wacky choir of Kates wailing their asses off about the horizon and loooook at the light, climbing up the aeriallll! FUCKING AMAZING!!!!
Could be in a dream
Our clothes are on the beach
The prints of our feet
Lead right up to the sea

No one, no one is here
No one, no one is here
We stand in the Atlantic
And we become panoramic

The stars are caught in our hair
The stars are in our fingers
The veils of diamond dust
Just reach up and touch it

UPDATE: If you are looking for tracks to sample, I highly recommend "Sunset," a song that references much of her catalog. It starts as a pretty piano ballad - you know, she must have got the idea from Tori Amos, har har. It has some old school bits that go wayyyy back to like Lionheart and a bass ripped right out of The Dreaming. Once you get into it, it morphs into a freaking Irish JIG/ SAMBA - it's more JLo than Chieftains to me. I kid you not! It's fanfuckingtastic. Other nice tracks are "Bertie" (it has a ye olde sound!) and "Aerial", which is not quite the disco some reviews have suggested, but has some nice beatific electro moments. "Mrs. Bartolozzi" could have been released on one of her first records. I don't recall her doing tracks like this for 20 may be the high vocals. "How To Be Invisible" is, to me, one of the weaker tracks, but it may be the next single. It has a nice Fleetwood Maccy guitar strumming throughout. Maybe it will grow on me?


Trasha said...

i now have Bertie, Nocturn, Aerial, How to Be Invisible and King of the Mountain on my mp3 player and I couldn't be more excited about it! The order I have them:

How to be Invisible
King of the Mountain

I think Nocturn and Aerial have to be two of the best Kate songs I've ever fucking heard!!!!! Everything I've heard has been fab--Bertie is probably my least favorite of everything I've heard. I love Mrs. Bartolozzi (sp???) It reminds me of like Judy Collins or Joni Mitchell or something. I agree about the Fleetwoodness of How To Be Invisible. I actually really dig that song!!!! I love the laidbackness of it.

Nocturn, however, is so amazing and I too was dripping over the lyrics (diamond dust and all that, stars in our hair, etc).

The end is truly BOMBASTIC with that choir of KB's!!!!!

Trasha said...

what i think is really funny about this album is that i feared for so long that she'd return all boring and old and i would be disappointed. i never expected her to come back BETTER than before!!!!