November 13, 2005

RW: Reissue, Repackage, Repackage!

This is really lame. A combo of the two Rufus Wainwright Want discs, with extra songs and an OLD picture on the cover. Cheap!!. But you can buy it for £11.99 (about 22 bucks?) at Amazon UK. Out November 28.

Disc 1: extra tracks are "Es Mus Sein" and "Velvet Curtain Rag" (not so great, either one). Disc 2: extra tracks are a live cover of "Chelsea Hotel" (tired song, but fitting for Rufus) and "In With The Ladies". The last song is not from the Want sessions. It's up-tempo with a surf guitar (!) and classic Rufus lyrics. It's not bad, but it doesn't fit at all.

Those albums are true art works and now the label has seen fit to mess with them by adding stupid bonus tracks that really have nothing to do with actual albums / themes/ sounds and art that has nothing to do with the original visual "concept." Total cash cow for Christmas...typical record company bullshit. I don't expect an American release for this.

Whatever, see what the fans say...

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