November 26, 2005

Review: Kubb's Mother

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new group named Kubb, fronted by a bisexual Tobago-an named Harry Collier who looks eerily like 80’s model/popstar Nick Kamen. I’ve been listening to their debut record Mother and it’s really singable! I wonder if they should have just called the record Introducing Harry Collier (or better still Introducing the Hard Line According to Harry Collier?), as it would have been more direct.

The current single Wicked Soul is a white soul pastiche with the kinkiest pop lyrics of the year:

Let’s disconnect all communication
I’ve told you mother not to call
So lay down on the bed
‘Cause now I’ve locked the door
And we don’t live out there no more.

I’m the weirdo in your bedroom
And I can see you in the dark
Tonight’s the night I shed my wicked soul
I take it out on you
And watch you lose control

A real surprise is the stadium worthy Grow – a massive epic that Embrace would be proud to play. The opening evokes the first moments of Bohemian Rhapsody and it builds from there to an orgasmic finish. My eyes rolled back into my head and yours will too during the choral round that closes the track.

If I have any problem with Kubb, it’s that the record does not establish a firm identity. It mimics its inspirations: Blow Monkeys, Embrace/ Muse, even Jeff Buckley on the wailing Someplace Else. Cynics may have a hard time getting over this and clearly the British public isn’t buying the CD. But if you like Keane, Travis, Coldplay, Embrace and their sensitive ilk, I urge you to get Kubb’s Mother.

Listen to samples at
7 Digital.
Thanks again to
Torr for leading me to Kubb.

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