November 8, 2005

The Return of Richard Ashcroft

Torr scoops it again! Richard Ashcroft releases Keys to the World on January 23, with a single called "Break The Night With Colour" on Jan 9th. I bet this will do well - his appearance at Live 8 was terrific. I personally think it all comes down to his voice, which is one of the warmest and most expressive to emerge from the UK in the 90's. Not to mention his penchant for sweeping romance in his music. "A Song For The Lovers" has to be one of the best songs I have ever heard. Just sayin'!

My favorite Ashcroft tracks? In no order:

A Song For The Lovers
Slow Was My Heart
Bittersweet Symphony
Get My Beat
C'mon People
Science Of Silence
Weeping Willow
Get Up Now
This Time
Nature Is The Law

Never Wanna See You Cry

Good fansite here. Official site here.

1 comment:

Trasha said...

i'm shocked that "brave new world" and "you on my mind in my sleep" aren't on the list! :) those are my two favorite songs. i wasn't really excited over his last album, but i'll just consider it a sophmore slump.