November 5, 2005

Pop Show: December edition

Just when we're coming down off the messy orgasms of Rachel Stevens and Madonna's records, we still have this new Girls Aloud album, Chemistry, on December 5. The first release, "Long Hot Summer," was pants (as they say in the UK), but the follow-up "Biology" is their best track since "The Show." The album will come with some sort of bonus Christmas disc (I love tacky pop!) and their Xmas single is a cover of Dee C. (ex Mrs. Paul Weller) Lee's sweeping 80's ballad "See The Day," which you can hear via Into The Groove.

Here is the tracklist, chock-a-block with brilliant song titles:

01. Intro
02. Models
03. Biology
04. Wild Horses
05. See The Day
06. Watch Me Go
07. Waiting
08. Whole Lotta History
09. Long Hot Summer
10. Swinging London Town
11. Its Magic
12. No Regrets
13. Racy Lacey

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