November 25, 2005

Newsy Bits

Travis has recorded 20 new songs with Nigel Godrich for their 2006 CD. I guess they scrapped their work with Brian Eno. Lets hope that the new one is better than their last turd, 12 Memories.

Morrissey has a new URL for his 2006 project, so check it out (not much there but a sign -up). Is this really his 11th CD since 1987? I guess so, if you count the 4 or 5 compilations.

The Darkness are getting great reviews for their new CD. Read one at Playlouder and one that The Guardian. Nice song titles include "Dinner Lady Arms" and "Knockers"!! I am still diggin"Love Is Only A Feeling" two years after its release - it actually has moments of beauty, I swear! Looks like "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" is the new version of that song.

Bitchin' Gwen looks ridiculous as a chola girl in her new video "Luxurious" - she is becoming the new J-Lo: a stinkin' rich girl slumming it. Read a funny review with lots of screen captures here. Remember when Gwen warranted her own posts here? Le sigh.

Snow Patrol have a new record coming. I dunno... the last one made me sleepy and I thought they got more than their share of press'n'praise compared to other new bands at the time.

The Who is recording a new CD. I just want the Wyckoff Correspondent to start saving his money. I am sure the producers of CSI will also be happy...

Patrick Wolf, one of my 2005 discoveries, is recording his new album which may be called something like Accidents and Emergencies if this letter is a clue. I played Wind In The Wires on Thanksgiving when it was grey and freezing cold here - will comment again on that record soon.

Let the Xmas Excess begin...

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