November 18, 2005

New music: Mozez

Mozez is not for thrashers, but if you like Frou Frou, Imogen Heap, Lamya, Sia, Maxwell or Zero 7. Maybe even the long lost Tony Rich. he's your new boyfriend.
Mozez is a singer from Jamaica who grew up in London and sang on Zero 7's huge debut (he did "Simple Things" and "This World"). He has a beautiful voice that you should hear. Luckily, he's just released a debut record called So Still.

His website is here. The music files load so slowly, I assumed they were broken. Try "Somehow Now" and the two Guy "Frou Frou" Sigsworth productions, the gossamer "Venus Rise" and the uplifting "Feel Free." Full samples are also available, with purchasable downloads at 7 Digital.

Update: I bought the three songs mentioned above from 7 Digital and they are gorgeous. It's driving music, fuck music - that sort of thing. I don't do much of either, so I'll just play these tunes on my headphones, lying on my bed, imagining a life I can't quite have.

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