November 23, 2005

New Beth Orton in February!

Yeah! New songs from Beth Orton. I cannot say that I like her albums as much as I like some of her songs. The website says "it features Beth Orton on guitar, piano and harmonica with (Sonic Youth's Jim) O'Rourke on bass, piano and marimba and the esteemed American percussionist Tim Barnes on drums."

Comfort of Strangers track listing:
1. "Worms" 2. "Conceived" 3. "Comfort of Strangers" 4. "Heartland Truckstop" 5. "Shadow of a Doubt"6. "Safe In Your Arms" 7. "Countenance" 8. "Rectify" 9. "Feral Children" 10. "Shopping Trolley"11. "A Place Aside" 12. "Absinthe"13. "Heart of Soul" 14. "Pieces of Sky"

Some faves worth looking for (with direct iTunes links):
"Concrete Sky" (with Ryan Adams on harmonies, a perfect perfect song)
"Paris Train" (Bjorkian and super moody with swooping strings. So elegant)
"Central Reservation" (collab with Ben Watt of EBTG. Literate dance music)
"Stolen Car" (her best video too)
"Don't Need A Reason" (song about angels that moms will like)

Did you know that Beth suffers from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)? It's true! Stars, they're just like us...

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Trasha said...

i love beth. i thought she had crone's disease, not IBS? anyway, can't wait for the new CD!!!!