November 29, 2005

My list of complaints

1) Blogger is FOCKED! How irritating. Numerous problems...but don't blame little ol' me.

2) Nip/Tuck really has jumped the shark. Tonight (11/29) was surely the most vile episode they've ever done. Would Christian really have done the whole thing swith the bag on the woman's head at this point in his life, post-Wilbur, post-Natasha, etc? Right now there is no one else likeable on that show now that Liz the nurse has left (AGAIN!) I spit on Nip/Tuck! It has better pull its shit together in the final weeks or I will be very sad.

3) Furthermore, Princess Yum Yum read her line on Commander in Chief but you could not see her face! Total focker editors!


babs said...

How did it Jump the Shark? Have they revelaed who the hell was the slasher? Was it Bruno Campos's character?
Sad that I know that much. I've downgraded my cable to the basics, so am no longer watching FX. The hope was greater productivity or sleep. Not sure it's quite working. The lesbian nurse left??? No....She was great. I've stopped watching Desperate Housewives and Smallville. I caught two eps. of Smallville and felt that I haven't been missing anything. Lana could die at any time. They're finallly cancelling 7th Heaven!! Wooh. I must do a jig now.

Trasha said...

i'm so disappointed with this season of nip/tuck. twas my favorite show at one time--now, YAWN!