November 22, 2005

The more things change v.2

Somewhere in an Oslo attic, there sits a fetid, horrific picture of a-ha's Morten Harket (above left). The man has barely aged since he became famous for sweating and slamming into walls in the video for 1984's "Take On Me." He has the same jawline, cheekbones, and angelic, crystalline voice today. Jefitoblog has a huge a-ha appreciation post that you should read. I too will review their great new CD Analogue. Stay tuned.


Tim said...

Didn't poor Morton have a car accident circa 1986, and go through the windshield -- slitting his throat? The accident removed the top octave from his voice, and his lost most of the airy, light, crystalline quality to his singing.

xolondon said...

I think that's a myth. Have you heard his work over the last 5 years. He has his full range from what I can tell - aside from any changes due to natural aging.

Penny said...

yes that one is a myth, Morten still sings like an angel after all these years!! However Morten did have a motorbike accident with Aqua's lead vocalist- Lene Nustrøm ( Morten's ex lover)who was his passenger .... but fortunately neither were harmed !!