November 13, 2005

Madonna #5: I Love New York

I Love New York
  • I was expecting crap: the section of this song used in the tour documentary is an entirely different version: more pop/rock, with an alternate chorus. The final version pisses all over it.
  • The lyrics are indeed wonky: rhyming New York and dork, or saying a city makes you mad, sad or glad. Le sigh as Trent would say. Fortunately, the melody and production save it.
  • This song captures the hugeness and urgency of New York City. It sounds as if it were record in an arena - the vocals are swimming in the sound. The rolling timpani drums will blow your mind.
  • Rolling Stone described this song as spiraling, but I think a better word for the chorus is cascading. It's incredible and reminds me a bit of what she did on "Ray Of Light"

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