November 12, 2005

Madonna #4: Future Lovers

Future Lovers
  • The only track on the album produced by the much-maligned Mirwais.
  • Built on a sample (overused, I'd say) of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" - Donna did actually record other songs, Esther! Regardless, the sample is sense-slamming! Ear delicious! Cock twitching!
  • My favorite thing on here is the kooky spoken bits. I love the one about "administration, bills, loans." I guess it's supposed to sound Blade Runnerish or something?
  • Expect club remixes of this - it is really strong.
  • How much more can I say about a dance song? Like the piccie above? It's from L'Uomo Vogue and it's by Steven Klein, who did all the album art.

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