November 11, 2005

Madonna #3: Sorry

  • The second single, much better than "Hung Up"
  • She's saying she's sorry in like ten languages over what sounds like an interpolation of the "Frozen" opening. I suppose Madonna has a lot to apologize for - like "Swept Away" or maybe that horrible song "I'll Remember"
  • The hook is "I've heard it all before" and it will invade you like Avian Flu. Personally, I like the line, "There's more important things than hearing you speak."
  • 2:44 has the signature Stuart Price sound: that cracking noise (guillotine or baseball hitting a bat?) he also uses on the New Order track and Bitchin' Gwen remix.
  • There is a sample of The Jackson's "Can You Feel It" - can you hear it?
  • Bonus freebie: see the album booklet at Say Hey


Trasha said...

yeah, yeah--madonna's great and all, but kate bush just put her album out and you've said nary a peep about it! do you hate it?

xolondon said...

Listen bitchy cunt! Kate Bush takes some time to absorb and think about. Madge's record is instantaneous, but Kate's is a slow burn. Stay tuned!