November 11, 2005

Madonna #2: Get Together

Get Together
  • Dirrty Pop called the SOS Band interpolation before I could post it! I was so pleased with myself for catching it ("we can do it, we can do it alright" at 1:10).
  • Love the stabbing stynths that start at 3:34.
  • This record is built on a sample of Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You," which in turn was built on Madonna's "Holiday." Supposedly there is a Daft Punk sample in here too.
  • "Get Together" is the kind of song Madonna will close concerts with. You can just see the confetti falling from arena celings. It's a MAMMOTH dance track.
  • Say what you want about Madonna's talent or personality, but this particular song is a gift to her fans, who will love it. It's completely uplifting and everything dance music should be.

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