November 9, 2005

Madonna #1: Hung Up

Hung Up

I'm going to review the Madonna album track by track (or at least the ones I feel like doing). Let's start with the single...
  • Built on a sample of Abba's "Gimme Gimme Gimme."
  • Not my favorite song on the record by any measure, but the album version is superior to the single edit.
  • This track is a clue of things to come on the album: Throughout the record you will hear very dense, layered production, repetition (time goes by so slowly, time goes by...) and lengthy instrumental sections where the music drops in and out.
  • The time goes by so slowly lyric is actually from her 1989 duet with Prince, "Love Song."
  • Excellent video - sort of like the girl in "Borderline" grown up.

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