November 26, 2005

Lots of Imogen Heap news for smart pop trolls

First, her brilliant album Speak For Yourself is available at Best Buy for 9.99! At least it was last week. That CD is worth double that amount and I urge you to get it. Hear samples at 7 Digital

Immi has produced a song called "What It Is" for Nik Kershaw's hits CD. This is a Nik song, but produced in Immi style and it is also at
7 Digital
You can now purchase (for 77 pence!) her beautiful orchestral b-side called "Cumulus" that is at
7 Digital or on iTunes. I hope she'll score a film, because this track will wreck you with it's prettiness. Note that it's an instrumental.

Remember that she has a cover of that tacky 70's song Spooky (by Atlanta Rhythm Section) on a Reese Witherspoon movie soundtrack. Sadly, it is not available by track on iTunes (fuckers), so you'll have to find it elsewhere. Not sure why she chose this of all possible cover songs?

Immi has also done a new soundtrack song for The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe! It is called I Can't Take It In and it's out on December 13. Alanis also did a song for this movie. Beware that it is NOT on the "Songs Inspired by..." soundtrack, which is all religious artists. Who produced this movie? Is there an agenda here?

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