November 11, 2005

Kubb: Tonight I'll shed my wicked soul

Who is Kubb?
It's not a he. It's a band with a lead singer (above) from Tobago named Harry Collier. Check out their website

"Wicked Soul" is the great new single.
Someone's been listening to the Blow Monkeys. This song says this to me: I'm gonna take you in that room and fuck you. And you're gonna like it!

Interestingly, their other single "Remain" is so much like the new a-ha music that when it comes on my iPod, I assume it IS a-ha.

Read more here and listen to album clips

Update: Honest to God, I wrote this post late Thursday night and in that time, Arjan had the same idea! He's got the videos and a download. Great minds think alike, yes?

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