November 14, 2005

FYI: Sony is the DEVIL

You may have heard about Sony’s insane new digital rights protection program they had put on new CD’s. If you recall, I did battle with a Sony CD in September (David Gray) - it was that experience that prevented me from buying any new Sony releases that were copy-protected.

By October 1, my laptop was dead and gone. I am not sure if it was because I inadvertently tried to remove the root kit or if it was something else. Needless to say, Sony is fucked and this fiasco makes clear everyone music lover’s fears: that the big labels are willing to assault their consumers while they secure their cash advances.

Not only did the program prevent you from copying CD’s, but it sent Sony information about what you were listening to, without your knowledge! Hello big brother. Not to mention the fact it obliterates fair use rights to music, which allow for about 10% or 30 seconds of a song to be used for evaluation purposes.

More information:
FAQ about the rootkit
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