November 17, 2005

Don't bother, I'll be fine

Shakira is an enigma. She is a woman/child who alternately sings, whispers, purrs, bleats and yodels dramatically through her rock pop songs. It's histrionic, but she gets away with it because she seems so sincere. Fresh from being fucked from behind while cutting onions with a large knife (in her last video "La Tortura"), Shakira is taking on the man-is-his-car concept in her video for the excellent new single, "Don't Bother."

In the video, which is shot in a weird desaturated kind of 70's porn stock, Shakira is in the house of a lover whose face we never see. He's just a naked torso with farmer's tan. She teases him in the shower, in the usual "Shaki" way: in fact, she should win an award for her bra work. Barring Madonna, no one wears a bra better than Shakira.

Anyway, the video really kicks in during the last half when she has an electric guitar solo on a pink guitar - does she really play? She seems to, but does it matter? Her rock stance seems real. That scene segues into an extreme closeup of her babyface, muttering something about coming from a "Communist country" and trying to keep her man by cutting her nails ("so I won't hurt you"), learning about football and staying fit. When the camera pulls back she is driving a forklift that proceeds to crunch up a sports car. This is intercut with scenes of Shakira watching her semi-nude lover writhe on the floor in pain in front of her. She's getting even and it rocks!

And yes, if you look closely, she does the Boob Dance.

Get "Don't Bother" on iTunes or go to her site. Watch the video here.