November 1, 2005

And now for something completely different

Did you know that Mary J. Blige's new hits CD has a cover of U2's One with Bono duetting? Not kiddin'! I loves me some Mary, but her records have been a steady case of diminishing returns for me. The first one, What's The 411, is a (hiphop) soul Bible, but from there on it goes downhill steadily until the disaster of her last tuneless CD (can't even remember the name). The next single Be Without You is a step up. Below are my top ten MJB songs (in no order) that should appear on this hits record, but half probably won't:

1 You Remind Me
2 Sweet Thing
3 Love No Limit
4 Reminisce
5 I’m The Only Woman
6 I Love You
7 Missing you
8 No More Drama
9 All That I Can Say
10 Changes I've Been Going Through

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