October 11, 2005

TV takes me to the music

I have recently concluded that a key way for me to find new music (aside from blogs, friends, press) is via television. Producers are mining their own mixtapes for tracks appropriate to their scripts and it's a perfect way to sell music. Product placement at its best. I am constantly writing down song lyrics and googling them during shows. I think this started for me with Alias, which has used David Gray to great effect and introduced many people to Diamond Nights' song "The Girl's Attractive." (thanks PYY!)

Nip/Tuck has become a vital source. If any of you caught the season opener a few weeks ago, they used two Madeleine Peyroux
songs to great effect in the storyline regarding Momma Boone, the obese lady. Often the music on Nip/Tuck sort of mocks the scene, like last week's use of Lionel Richie's "Stuck On You" when two frat boys had their faces glued to the ass of another frat boy (and I won't even mention how they used Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face")!! Anyway, the Momma Boone sequences were greatly enhanced by the Peyroux tunes, which seemed to really give some sense of dignoty to that story, a sad one. It must be nice for the actors to watch these sequences later, because I doubt they have the music on-set. If the do, that might explain what a great (and surprising) job Julian McMahon did last season in his love scene with the blind woman - it was set to "Natasha" by Rufus Wainwright. In that case, though I love Rufus, I had not bothered to listen to how beautiful that song is - it was Nip/Tuck that brought it "out" to me.

Some other notable songs on TV in recent months were Sia's "Breathe Me" which I believe is a major reason the final sequence of Six Feet Under was so moving (read my post about that). Elvis Costello even recorded a version of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" for an episode of House!

I have an idea for Nip/Tuck: I think they should use tracks from Goldfrapp's Supernature CD when it comes out in America early next year. That would be genius, to have an episode built around that record. They could probably afford it and it would guarantee sales for Goldfrapp. Everybody wins.

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The Dancing Kids said...

Entourage is another one that has great music - like that Muse song I lurrve so much "Time is Running out"

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