October 7, 2005

This kitten rocks.


The savioresse of pop music, that's who, fuckers! Her forthcoming album, the blandly titled Come And Get It is the finest pop album I have heard since Kylie's Fever. This is simple: killer track after killer track, awash in an 80's new wave sheen. It's such brilliant sugar pop that the haughty indie rag Stylus has annointed Rachel with an A- review and this bit of praise: Come And Get It (is)... the best pop album of 2005.

Rachel's website isn't fully loaded yet, but you can hear a bit of the new single "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" a song already notorious for the line, "Ooh! I let you in my back door!" The track has a welcome pedigree: verses reminiscent of Adam And The Ants' "Goody Two Shoes" while the chorus recalls Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself For Loving You" (hola Maria, you tough bitch!). Just let the loop run a few times and you'll be sucked deep inside.

If I continue to lose weight (only a few lbs so far), I will need to send Rache (I call her Rache, okay?) a gift because this album has been on constant iPod play at the gym. Stay tuned for a lot more on Rachel Stevens, Savioresse of Pop Music.

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