October 24, 2005

There's a lifestyle of painted lips

We Too Are One era, 1989

Ever wonder what an art director does for an album? Some of you already know and want to be one. It's a fantasy job isn't it? The V&A in London currently has an exhibit of Eurythmics visual imagery - maybe I should hop a jet to see it? Anyway, ethrill has a good interview with their image man, Laurence Stevens.

XO's favorite Eurythmics album cover? We Too Are One
XO's favorite Eurythmics video? "Don't Ask Me Why" or "Shame"
XO's favorite Annie look? Her vaguely suntanned appearance for "Sexcrime" or the final dizzying moments of "Don't Ask Me Why"

and the music...
XO's favorite Eurythmics album? Revenge
XO's favorite Eurythmics single? "Here Comes The Rain Again"
XO's favorite Eurythmics album cut? "Shame"

Remember trolls, the new Ultimate Hits record is out on November 7/8 worldwide. Both new songs are 5 stars - the first single is out on 10/31. The re-releases are out Nov 14/15.. There is also a Boxed set that I am sploobing over.

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