October 31, 2005

Spoiler alert!

Aerial tracks (and Kate interview snippets) have started to be played on BBC Radio today:

Pi: introduced by Kate - can be heard
here about 1hr 43m into the stream of the show.

Joanni: pronounced "Joe-anni" - was played at 1hr 12m
here. Smooth, elegant and as vaguely calypso as "King Of The Mountain." The synths remind me of Experiment IV for some reason.

Nocturne is
here and go to 53 mins into the show. Note that Cunty Bitch is right - this is a very good song. It seems very contemporary until it goes into a kooky chanted bit at the end (think "Ninth Wave").

Somewhere In Between is
here at 1h 7m into the show. Classic sounding Kate midtempo ballad. The male harmony voice reminds me of some of her older work.

How To Be Invisible is
here at 2h 10m into the show. It's guitar based, sort of rhythmic and meanders along with a minimal melody.

From the Kate Bush News and Information site


Trasha said...

it sounds like "joanni" to me, not joe-anni. i think the person announcing it pronounced it wrong.

Trasha said...

i love "somewhere in between" and "how to be invisible". this makes five songs total that i've heard off the new CD(s) and i'm thinking it's her best yet!!!!!

i love the bass, especially, on all songs. W-O-W!

xolondon said...

I will need to hear them on headphones for a few days. I don't see, for meeeee, how this could possibly be her best. It's competing not only with amazing previous albums, but the time periods of my life associated with each. Particularly college and "The Sensual World" which we played 24/7 for months on end.

Trasha said...

i am speaking from more of a technical aspect than what the albums mean to me emotionally.