October 25, 2005

Off topic: Paint a rumour

Read it here first: The rumor in Washington is that Cheney will soon resign for "health" reasons. We have heard it from TWO separate Cap Hill sources, which is better than a terror threat, right? It's probably wishful thinking, but given Plame blame trail heading up to the Veep, it's possible. If it really happens, I will get smashed off my ass to celebrate!


ADD said...

1. If this celebration happens, you must invite me. Not only for the sheer joy of the news, but mainly because I've never seen you shithammered.

2. TV, I lerv you but you are not British. 'Mericans spells they rumors with one "U" only.

xolondon said...

You wastrel! I live in a manor house and my only job is to drink tea and admire the falconry outside my window.