October 10, 2005

October 24 MUST have CD: David McAlmont

Order it now from Amazon UK because I am betting this will be an amazing record. He covers

1. You Go To My Head
2. Night And Day
3. Saving All My Love For You
4. Blues In The Night
5. Never, Never, Never
6. Under My Skin
7. A Certain Smile / The Shadow Of Your Smile

8. Blues Are Brewing
9. How Long Has This Been Going On
10. Black Coffee
11. My Romance
12. One For My Baby

Some of my favorite songs!

Do you know David? He was a part of McAlmont and Butler, who sang "Yes" ("I feel well enough to do tell you what you can do with what you have to offerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"!) and "You Do" in the mid-90's, at the heighth of BritPop. His solo work is varied and somewhat spotty, but if you want to hunt around, here are 2 tracks I recommend (if I was sharp as Kofi, I would put them up!):

The moody, elegant "Snow" on a Craig Armstrong CD (that you can get here for cheap!)and his immaculate cover of "Diamonds Are Forever" from the James Bond covers CD called Shaken Not Stirred (single here)

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