October 19, 2005

New music: The Music Lovers

The Music Lovers are a Birmingham, England orchestral pop band that recall Scott Walker, The Divine Comedy, Cousteau, Richard Hawley - there's even an occasional Marc Almond sound to lead singer Ted Edwards' voice.

I discovered this band through Kofi's Hat who posted the AMAZING track "The Former Miss Ontario" (get the Mp3 here fast). You can also hear that track and an older song called "This World Vs. The Next World" via their label site.

I've just ordered TML's last release, 2004's The Words We Say Before We Sleep and will do a review once I have it. In January, Le Magistry will release their new CD, The Music Lovers Guide For Young People, so I will report more at that time.

update: having heard the full CD, it occurs to me that fans of Stars would like this CD too.

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