October 14, 2005

New Madonna single: Not thrilling.

Some images from the new Madonna documentary I'm Going To Tell You A Secret. Click to enlarge. Capture created by Madonnalicious

As for the new song, "Hung Up" - it's very catchy and probably the slightest single Madonna has released in many years. Lyrics include

Ring ring ring
Goes the telephone
The lights are on
But there's no one home

Deep! It's fun, but a bit repetitive. It'd better have a killer video! I am wary of this CD because it is 13 dance songs - no ballads at all - with most songs produced by the same person. It seems like an atempt to go old school, but I find the whole 120 bpm requirement restrictive. All will be revealed in November, but "Hung Up" is not the sublime music I hoped it would be.

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small squirrel said...

I am really trying not to be c***y about this, but you're makin it hard.

ooooooosh. those are some winning lyrics.