October 17, 2005

Mini reviews

Andy Bell Electric Blue
Before I start, let's just say right now that the title track does not live up to its title. This is a nice album, with some sweet melodies but it does suffer form the same thing Erasure record suffers from - a certain canned, airless 80's sound that needs to be jazzed up a bit. It's like they haven't
bothered to learn any new technology. Still, there are some great racks here, most notably the single "Crazy" and the beautiful, sweet duet with Claudia Brucken called "Love Oneself." Brucken has such a welcoming voice and this track is so affirming that when you hear it you realize how rarely artists make music with these kinds of lyrics. The final midtempo ballad "The Rest Of Our Lives" is also a standout. All told, much better than I expected. Quite a year for Mr. Bell.

Richard Hawley: Coles Corner
I noticed Richard's album cover on Amazon about 2 months ago, but didn't know much about him. He almost had me! Thanks to the excellent Kofi's Hat blog, I sampled a few songs and rushed to buy this CD. The music Hawley creates is lush, noirish and sweeps several styles (even country), but all through the filter of Scott Walker's late 60's orchestral influence. If you know and love SW tracks like "It's Raining Today" (my fave), that is what this CD sounds like. Divine Comedy fans must purchase it too, while they await Neil's next opus. My favorite tracks are "Born Under A Bad Sign" and "The Ocean."

Note: Act fast and you can download "The Ocean" from Kofi's Hat.

Ryan Adams: Jacksonville City Nights
I would love to write a nice review of this; too bad I sold this piece of shit after a few listens! Note that I did burn a copy, so I will eventually dig out a few gems hidden there. Major disappointment after the relative success of Cold Roses.

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