October 27, 2005

Madonnerrr likes ta dance.

Watch Madonna's new video for "Hung Up" here and now. Some comments from XO:
  • The choreography is amusing, especially her bits in the leotard, which are verrrry Donna Pescow in Saturday Night Fever - or is it a cheesy Solid Gold Dancer?
  • The story is just...dancing, with the locations floating between LA (lifted from LaChappelle's movie?) and London. Love the slow motion part where she leans way back with the girl.
  • She's sort of like the girl in "Borderline," but twenty years later. The video opening is a blatant rip on Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For" just like the song is a rip of Stuart Price's remix of the same track.
  • Is it me or has Madonna never been so skinny? She doesn't look unhealthy, just a bit too fleshless. Her cheeks are gaunt.
  • And what about her arm? Didn't it fucking hurt? Rumour is she had to have an epidural on the set. I think most mortals would still be in a cast. Not Madonna. Science does not apply.

The pics above are not from the video, but from The Roxy in NYC in the middle of the night on Saturday. She looks happy for change!


Trasha said...

i was prepared to not like the song or video and much to my surprise--i loved both! i heard a clip of "i love new york" or whatever it's called on the new album during her documentary and hated the song because she uses the word "dork" in it. i'm sorry--i hate that word and it should NEVER be used in a song!!! i hope that's the only spot on the album that rubs me the wrong way!

xolondon said...

Agreed on the use of dork. It's "stupid" - another Madge word I don't like. "I'm so stupid / I'm sooo stu-pid / I'm so stup-id"